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Fallen from grace…

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I’m not one
To hide behind a mask,
At least not anymore.
Chances are you know
How I feel about you by now,
And if you don’t you will soon enough.

I will either love you wholeheartedly
Or be neutral in my expressions.
I choose not to hate as I know
There is good to be found in every person,
But if I can’t see it I will try
To understand why.

If my expressions of love
Were once fierce
But are now neutral,
It’s probably because you’ve lost my respect
But not necessarily my love —
You have fallen from grace.

But I know I am in no way perfect,
So what if it is I who have fallen
From your good graces?
It happens to the best of us.
Perhaps I have somehow lost your respect.

How can I make amends?
Will you tell me?
Can we be open?
Can there be dialog?
Or would your rather I just disappear?

But really, who am I to speak of grace?
I am in no way worthy
Of the many graces given to me
By the Almighty,
And yet He offers it so freely.

I am humbled to know
HE loves me so.
A lesson in love
I must not forget.

So if I have wronged you
Please forgive me.
And may we all practice
Extending grace even if we think
It is undeserving,
For we have all fallen from God’s grace
Yet he continues to give it generously.

Contents written: May 10 2016  | Originally published: July 28 2016 | Copyright © 2016 Moylom Enterprises


20 thoughts on “Fallen from grace…”

    1. Oh how wonderful! Glad it resonated with you. Just a bit of soul searching. I’m flattered by your kind words. Thanks so much. Hugs🌷

      Hope you’re well…

      Liked by 1 person

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