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Send It Up 

This is a song from Vertical Horizon and it’s a less known song from them but enjoy it. 

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‘Wonky Brain’ meets ‘Music Genius’ …

Hi guys,

Remember a couple days ago,  when I woke up with a song in my head but my ‘Wonky Brain’ had paired it with the wrong artist? Well I had to consult my blog partner B,  the music genius, for help with this one.

I only knew one line and wasn’t quite sure if that was also the name of the song so I sang it to him. In less than 5 seconds B blurted out the correct artist, Smash Mouth, not Sugar Ray, and gave my ‘Wonky Brain’ a much needed break. Whew, what a relief! Thanks B!!! ‘Wonky Brain’ meets ‘Music Genius’!!! 😀

So without further ado, here’s that pesky song. Hope it’s one of your favorites too. Enjoy!




Song: “Can’t get enough of you baby” by Smash Mouth


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