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My body


Dinner is over
But here I still sit
Unable to move
I’m tired…
My body aches
For the touch
Of a healing hand.

I haven’t been to the gym
Since the summer heat began.
I have trouble breathing when it’s too hot —
I feel depleted easily — lightheaded.
Aware that the heat is my enemy,
I make a conscious effort to
Taking things slow —
I must listen to my body.

Perhaps that’s why I ache;
Perhaps things are seizing up again;
Perhaps I’m slowly undoing
All those months of physical therapy —
All those months of healing at the gym.
I need to do my stretches,
Even if I’m not hustling to the gym —
I need to make the time — I know better.
My body needs attention.

Then I’m struggling with side effects
Of new medication.
Isn’t it funny how a fix for one thing
Breaks something else?
This also leaves me feeling depleted —
I’m not feeling myself.

But wait, I’ve had a headache all day,
Now I feel chilly and achy.
What if I’m getting sick?
What if I’m catching
That little bug from munchkin?
Oh gosh, I have no time for illness now!

I’ll have to self-medicate,
But what I really need is balance.
I need rest, nourishment, healing.
My body aches
For the touch
Of a healing hand.

Contents written: August 1 2016  |  Originally published: August 2 2016   | Copyright © 2016 Moylom Enterprises


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