Music is Oxygen

These Eyes

This is one of my favorite songs by the Guess Who.

Thank you !

Thank you

Although it is very appreciative to be nominated for blog awards it is in our best interest to not participate and accept them.

It’s not that we are above them but it affects our goals and vision. We are known as the first two letters of the alphabet “A + B.” Our blog is designed for us to be anonymous. Accepting awards is conflicting because most awards require revealing more about ourselves. Our readers can get to know us through our content and comments. Indvidually we may share something about ourselves. It depends on the nature of the comments.

Our blog is designed so that our readers and potential readers are getting a little bit of everything. If you travel down Inner Ramblings Boulevard our readers will get music, short stories, erotica, poetry, parenting, spirituality and so much more. We love and appreciate our followers.

Thank you for understanding.

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We need ‘something different’ …

It’s a brand new day.
Have your new year resolutions been long forgotten?
Have you been feeling stuck in a bad cycle?
Are you feeling a bit incomplete?
Do you feel the need for change?
Here’s a song that gives a glimmer of hope that can make a world of difference.

Sending huge hugs to you all.
Have a great day! ☺ 🌷



Song: “Sidewalk Prophets – Something Different (Official Audio)”


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