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Right place, right time



Have you ever felt like you were abandoned by everyone, even God? Well I guess we’ve all had those feelings at some point or another, but I know in His word God repeatedly states He’ll never leave us.

As I analyze my own behavior, I find that there were times I forget to acknowledge His presence, too busy with life to sit still and hear His voice. How silly! Occasionally I chose to disregard His love thinking I didn’t deserve it. How ridiculous! Then there were a few instances when I looked inward thinking my strength was my own. Can you believe my audacity? Instead, I needed to look upward to Him for it is through Him that am I strong.  In addition, I must also lift mine eyes to Him for He is my ultimate example for being the person I’m meant to be.

No matter what trials I faced, I know now that I was meant to endure those hard times to help me better understand the difference between what mattered and what didn’t. I needed to be taken down a dark,  unfamiliar road so I couldn’t rely on my own abilities, but place my trust in Him.

It is now clear, that where ever I’ve been, I needed to be there for God’s plan to be fulfilled in my life. I was always at the right place at the right time and I understand now why it was all necessary — I was being made ready for my ‘purpose’!

It is safe to say that you also have a purpose. You too are right where you need to be. You are being prepared for your journey ahead. You are in the right place at the right time. Just trust that God knows what’s best.

As I browsed twitter recently, the quotes you’ll see below, became a great source of inspiration for writing this post. I hope you can glean from them some of the hope that was spurred within me, and may you be inspired to share this hope with others. Enjoy🌷



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It’s Monday, Already!!!! Why??????

It’s Monday, already!
Where did the weekend go?
Here are a few tidbits to help make it through the day. Enjoy 🌷 ☺


A little laughter can go a long way…




What the heck,  laugh a little more…




It’s not what you see but how you choose to see it — perspective is everything…




Even if it’s Monday,  find something to smile about,  it can certainly help adjust your mood…




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