Lovers from afar…



As another sun sets
On the days of their love,
May the whispers of his soul
Fly to hers like a dove.

May they find the secret spaces
Of her delicate heart,
May they comfort her
Even when so far apart.

Within the walls of hope
They sit patiently waiting
For their names to be called
There’s much deliberating.

Will they finally be united
As soulmates, friends and lovers,
Or are they destined to be separated
By the one who holds the cards?

Only time will tell
How their love story unfolds,
Will it keep burning hot
Or will it eventually run cold?

Will they decipher the formula
Of happily ever after?
Or be doomed to their fate,
Lovers from afar?


Contents written: July 1 2016  |   Originally published: August 9 2016  |  Copyright © 2016 Moylom Enterprises


14 thoughts on “Lovers from afar…”

  1. Interesting mystery. If I am allowed to make predictions , it may follow Newton’s second law of motion , continue at a distance and fade away , since neither seems to want to risk their zones of comfort. This is the tragedy of modern era where you can live in the mind of another with out being seen .

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      1. I’m dealing with a few medical issues but trying to stay positive and trust God. Glad you’re well. Enjoy the rest of your week ☺🌷

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