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Who was he?


He stood for a while,
With flowers in hand,
Looking at the entrance
Of the huge residential building.

He seemed anxious.
He paced back and forth.
I didn’t see him looking at a phone,
So I couldn’t tell if he had one.

Had it been a planned meeting,
He might have called the intended
Recipient of those flowers,
But no such activity occurred.

He took one last look,
Walked by the building again,
Then left.

Perhaps it was not a planned meeting;
Perhaps he was trying to surprise someone;
Perhaps he was a lover that was no longer welcomed;
Perhaps that was his attempt at an apology;

Perhaps he arrived at the wrong address;
Perhaps he was given the wrong address on purpose;
Perhaps he arrived on the wrong day;
Or perhaps he was just a creepy stalker!

Whoever he was,
Or whatever his intentions,
His actions were pretty odd —
Who was he?

There was definitely a sense
Of uneasiness in my gut —
He just seemed as if he didn’t belong.
Where was he from?

He’s long gone now.
I don’t know how long he’d been waiting
Or if he’ll return later or another day,
But I can’t help but wonder
The real reason for his presence there.

So who was he?
Was he a persistent suitor,
An ex lover,
Or just a weird stalker?


1. How good are you at observing people in your surroundings?
2. How well do you know your neighbors?
3. If you were asked to describe an odd occurrence,  how well would you be able to recollect the event,  the scene,  the person(s) of interest?
4. Do you find events like the above fascinating or just creepy?
5. Are you one who wants to solve the mystery or lock your loved ones away out of harm’s way?
6. Where in the world is Sherlock Holmes when you need him?

Contents written: August 7 2016  |  Originally published: August 9 2016  |  Copyright © 2016 Moylom Enterprises


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