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Summer Growth Spurt!!!

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Saturday mornings I look forward to sleeping in as I’m up at 6/6:30am during the week .

The following event is one of many this Summer, but the first one to occur at 6am.


Mommy wake up. I’m hungry. Please get up and make me breakfast?

(opening one eye, then the other, then peering over at the clock)

Honey, it would be nice if you said “Good morning”, besides, it’s only 6am, why are you up? It’s not breakfast time yet?

Good morning mommy. Can I please have breakfast now? I’m hungry! My belly is rumbling!!!

Now do you understand why you need to eat all your dinner at night and not just one little bit? Your belly needs food before bed so you’re not hungry like this so early in the morning!!! Now do you understand????

Yes mommy. I promise to eat all my dinner next time, not just a teeny bit.

OK gimme one minute…


One minute later…


Mommy, it’s one minute, why aren’t you getting up to give me breakfast?

Well, why can’t you make breakfast today? I’m still tired…

I’m a little kid! I don’t know how to do these things!!!  Only grownups are allowed to cook. I’m not a grown up. Why won’t you make me breakfast????

Okay,  okay,  don’t cry!  I’m up now. I was only kidding.

But mommy,  it’s not funny when my belly is rumbling. I’m just a little kid!!!

I’m sorry honey, I’ll make you something right away!


Her legs are getting longer, her facial features are changing, her mannerisms are becoming more grownup. My little munchkin is growing up. Where has the time gone?

I can still remember when they brought her to me after delivery. The precious little bundle I carried around for what seemed like an eternity. Now she’s almost five. She has brought so much joy to my life. I’m thankful everyday for such an awesome blessing. I love you munchkin! ❤


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