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I wish I got paid for this!!!!


Is there something you do just for the enjoyment of it but secretly wish you got paid for doing it? Yes, long question, I know, but think about it! For me, a few come to mind easily. Here are my top 5:

1. Blogging:
I would sooo love to get paid for doing this one day. Not earning an income blogging for some random company as a profession,  but from my own blog while having a good time in the process. That would be awesome!!!

2. Spreading the word:
No, not ‘the word’ as in God’s word, I need no compensation for that, I’m just happy to tell of His work in my life and all the blessings and lessons I’ve gained along my path with Him.
As a matter of fact, here’s the text that stands out for me today as it gives me a bit of encouragement:

Isaiah: 40. 31.
But they that wait upon the LORD shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles; they shall run, and not be weary; and they shall walk, and not faint.
– Bible Offline

What a wonderful gift to know God always has our best interests at heart.

However, the ‘word’ I’m referring to is word of mouth referrals for services or products I like. Let’s be clear, I have to like the product! I don’t want some company chucking a product at me then have me pretend to like it. I can’t sell something I don’t like!

Here’s an example…
I love I mean, who doesn’t love Amazon? I love the whole concept of how their system works. But here’s the kicker! Recently they launched AmazonFresh. It’s a grocery delivery system that works directly from the Amazon app you already have on your smartphone. How cool is that? I no longer need to go to the grocery store unless I’ve run out of something before my next delivery is due to arrive. I can save my grocery list or simply reorder stuff from my last purchase. And, just as is famous for recommending ‘similar items you might like’, the same thing happens with the groceries. I’m in love!

I’ve tried other systems like FreshDirect and Peapod, but I like AmazonFresh the best since it’s a one-stop-shop for all my needs. Throw in AmazonMusic, AmazonPrime, AmazonVideo, Kindle books, Amazon Subscribe n Save, and there’s no point in going anywhere else. And, when I figure out how the Amazon cloud storage works I may move from Google Drive. Shhhh…

I can go on and on about my new love affair with AmazonFresh and with as a whole, but I’ll stop here. Go check em out for yourselves!

3. Napping:
I’m a night owl, as you might know by now, and my weekly schedule can be pretty grueling, so come weekends I make a point of napping. Who wouldn’t want to earn an income while sleeping? Sign me up!!! #goofball ☺

4.Trying a new foods aka Food Tasting:
I love food. However, as I get older, I’m more selective of what I eat for health reasons. I used to enjoy cooking until munchkin started school. Now she’s just super picky and I’m pulling my hair out on a weekly basis!

I’ve actually had to institute Fun Food Weekends as a gimmick to make sure she tries something new on a regular basis. Sometimes it’s a win, sometimes it’s a bust, but I’m pretty close to shelling out cash at this point just to get the kid to eat!

Bribery? Yes folks! These are the tactics we parents have to resort to. Toss single-parenting into the mix and it becomes an epic nightmare. It doesn’t take much to make us feel unappreciated when we single parents have so many other things to juggle as it is. If I spent 30 minutes preparing a meal I think she’ll like only to have her not want to try it, then I’m ready to go crying a corner if I’m exhausted and emotional, or blow a gasket if I’m just not in the mood for her antics. So, yes, I would love to have restaurants pay me to sample their food and I won’t have to cook for my bratty wonderful kid ever again. Yup, sign me up!!!

5. Drinking water:
I love seltzer/sparkling water especially when flavors are added. I’m not a big fan of juices or sugary drinks so those are rarely found at my house. Trouble is, I wish I liked regular water more. I don’t drink enough regular water so if someone were to pay me to drink it more that would be a nice incentive. Just drop a case of water at my door every week and collect the empties next time. Yes, recycling is important!

So there’s my list. I digressed a bit in #4 and #5 but hey, cut me some slack, I’m thinking warm fuzzy thoughts about at the moment. ☺

What’s on your list?

Have a great week folks!


Contents written: August 14 2016  |  Originally published: August 15 2016  |  Copyright © 2016 Moylom Enterprises

8 thoughts on “I wish I got paid for this!!!!”

    1. Ahhh, that’s a good one. I was a foster parent for dogs for a while many years ago. It’s so rewarding to know we can give love to animals that are hurting and feel abandoned. You will be blessed. Hugs 🌷

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