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The sign

She returned to the cafe
Every day that week
Hoping to see him again.

She’d never seen him before that day.
What if he was from out of town?
What if he was just passing through?

There was an uneasiness within her,
She wanted to see him again.
Why was she in such a rush that day?

She should have found a way
To give him her number.
It all happened so fast!

On the sixth consecutive day,
Returning to the cafe at the same time,
She finally had a brilliant idea.

She could leave a sign
With a coded message
That only he would know.

The bulletin board was always crowded.
Why would he need to look there anyway?
She needed her message to have more exposure.

She asked the cafe owner for a favor.
She paid him $50
To placed her sign at the entrance.

The sign read:


[This is Part 2 of a new series entitled “Strangers Collide”. See Part 1 here]


Contents written: August 13 2016  |  Originally published: August 14 2016  |  Copyright © 2016 Moylom Enterprises

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