Your Eyes

A poem of passion and desire by one of our dear followers. Enjoy🌷

August 21 2016


Such a sensual way to look deep into my eyes
My sadness you have dry.
There is a certain elegance to the way you smile
I wish I could get lost in it for a while.

Your passion can be felt
Even when I am not there.
I feel it deep
All the way to my core even when I sleep.

The different ways you would love me
Are visible in those gorgeous eyes, that I can see.
The softness of your lips looks so inviting
It gets me so excited.

Oh my delicate rose
Love the passion that in me you arose.
Such an unfamiliar feeling
To it I am slowly kneeling.

Copyright © 2016 Manuel Osornio-emotionsoflife2016

En Español:

Dicho de una manera sensual para mirar fijamente a los ojos
Mi tristeza que tiene seco.
Hay una cierta elegancia a la manera de sonreír
Me gustaría poder perderme en…

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The Experiment (100 Words)

This explains why my brain is ‘wonky’, at least, this is what I’ll tell myself from now on. See if this is true for you too. Hugs 🌷

August 21 2016

The Lonely Author


The Experiment (100 Words)

Jackson walked through the lonely streets.

Wanting to learn more about his past, he volunteered for the dangerous experiment.

Scientists advised him of everything that could go wrong. They never suspected everything would go right.

Total recall, perfect memory; some said it couldn’t be accomplished.

Yet, long lost memories rushed through him like light through a prism.

Lost loves, toddler falls, even prenatal sensations.

He lived trapped in an eternal state of nostalgia.

They told him he would recall every memory.

No one warned him he would relive every pain.

Jackson finally understood some things are meant to be forgotten.


Photo taken from Google Images

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Sunday Fun!

Here’s a bit of Sunday fun from one of our fairly new followers. Her work is hilarious and I always enjoy stopping by. Show some love. Enjoy! 🌷

August 21 2016




Hello Friends!

I hope today finds you doing extraordinarily well!

As we prepare to embark on a new week, I thought it would be nice to shift our focus toward something fun! Therefore, I decided to share a video that does a magnificent job of shattering stereotypes related to gender, age and race. More importantly, it accomplishes this goal in a delightful, charming, pleasant and gut-busting manner 🙂

Before I proceed, let me acknowledge that this little gem has been circulating for a few years, so there is a good chance that you’ve already seen it.  But, in light of both national and international events, I’d urge you to watch it again; I can assure you, it will bring a touch of light your way.

And so….

Please enjoy watching this 70 year old white dude dance circles around these sistas!


Mind you, this is NOT my video; I found it on…

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This lady has sharp eyes and can be a huge asset if you need a proofreader. Her poetry is also quite lovely. Here’s one I enjoyed very much. It can be read forward or backward which I discovered accidentally. Enjoy 🌷

August 21 2016



Outside her window
sits a jar.
Sheer curtains
sway a silhouette;
laughter becomes
She loosens her blouse;
a wink, a lick of those lips,
head tilts towards
to utter jarring words,
‘want to see more?’
‘Yes,’ I growl.
‘Give me all your money.’

Challenge: Write a poem on your blog in exactly 44 words (excluding title) where at least one of the words has to be Jar, remember to link back to dVerse. Visit and get inspired by the other poets, have fun and remember to come back throughout the week to check out if there are any new entries. We will select one of the poems to be included in our upcoming anthology, and if you are selected we will contact you to get your acceptance.

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