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New Yorkers


New Yorkers are walkers,
Straight-shooters, fast talkers.
We hustle, we bustle,
Burn both ends of the candle.

Sneaker-clad we climb stairs,
Dash for buses without fear.
Push through turnstiles to catch trains,
Forget heels, are you insane?

Pushing strollers, pulling carts
Up the escalators, down the ramps.
Turn the corner, avoid collision,
Jump that puddle, fancy steppin’.

Sneakers to heels in a flash,
Office dress code is a must.
Workday done,  switch again,
Madness, mayhem, rush hour begins.

Get in our way when we’re rushin’?
Yeah,  you’re just asking for a cussin’!
We’ll forget our manners, no hesitation,
Expletives will fly, there’s no escapin’.

So be a good tourist, move out the way,
We love you dearly, but we can’t delay.
We have places to go and things to do,
Meetings, grocery and dinner too.

Love us or hate us, it’s our culture they say,
New Yorkers are rude, but really, we’re just frayed.
With everything we juggle sun up to sun down,
Can you now understand why we’re so tightly wound?

We don’t mean to be,  please understand,
We simply don’t have time with all our demands.
But be sure to catch us on a holiday weekend,
We’ll show you a grand time to make all amends.

Party animals we are,  we’ve earned our stripes,
Work hard,  play hard,  it’s our vice.
We’re pretty cool, once you know our ways,
And when you live here, you’ll soon acclimate!


Contents written: August 22 2016
Originally published: August 23 2016
Copyright © 2016 Moylom Enterprises


16 thoughts on “New Yorkers”

  1. I have been to New York once.. It was an amazing experience.. Street artists, people walking tirelessly on Manhattan streets, fast food trolleys on the road side and full of life environment… Loved it!

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