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We all fall down sometimes…

Some days it’s tough!
Emotionally frayed we cry
wondering why life
must be so hard.
Physically exhausted
we cave under the pressure.

But God is always there
to lift us up,
just call out to Him.
He never leaves us,
He never gives us more
than we can bear.

Just keep Him close
and take His hand.
He’ll guide us;
He’ll carry us;
He’ll lift us up.

We all fall down sometimes,
but the choice is ours
to stay down or rise again
better than before.

Just like a Phoenix
rises from the ashes,
reborn and renewed,
so too we can rise after we fall,
in Jesus’ name.



Song: “The Afters – Lift Me Up”


Contents written: August 23 2016
Originally published: August 24 2016
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