Short Stories, Strangers Collide


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The ambulance arrived,
and as a precaution, 
the medics gave the woman
a thorough inspection.

The bump on her head was small.
Pain meds would ease her discomfort.
Any persistent or sharp headaches,
meant she should to get to the ER ASAP.

As the medics left, the crowd dispersed,
and so the handsome gentleman
was finally alone with the fair lady,
but all eyes were curiously focused on them.

I’m pleased you wanted to see me again,
I’m just sorry my sudden arrival startled you.
I’m notoriously early, never expected
it would ever cause such a commotion.
I’m John.

Pleased to meet you officially,  John.
I’m Cindy.  Don’t be sorry,
I was extremely nervous.
I was completely amazed
that my idea worked.

I’m glad you thought of it!
I’m here apartment hunting.
Probably wouldn’t have met
you again otherwise.

Wow! I knew it!
You are from out of town!
So fun of you to play along.
I’ve never done anything like this before,
was worried you’d think me too forward.

No. I thought it was rather clever.
I’ve never done anything like this either.
I was quite thrilled —
Felt like something from a movie.

I agree.
There was just something about you…

They both smiled…

Would you like to meet again?

The onlookers, erupted in unison,
as if they forgot
they were eavesdropping…
SAY YES!!!!!


[This is Part 5 of a new series entitled “Strangers Collide”. See Part 1 – 4 of series here ]


Contents compiled: August 29 2016
Originally published: August 30 2016
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