Short Stories, Strangers Collide

The Appointment Part 2

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Her phone is charged.
All her chores are done.
Nothing else matters.
No one is allowed to interrupt.

So many thoughts
are rushing through her head.
She’s done this every night
since they met.
Why is she still so excited?

It’s 10pm — It’s time!
She picks up the phone and dials.

He answers:
Hello my fair lady!
I’ve missed you…

She responds as is her custom:
Hello my good sir, I’ve missed you too.
I’m ready for my appointment!

John works the night shift.
Religiously, on his drive home,
he and Cindy have a nightly chat
which they refer to as The Appointment.

So far, nothing or no one
has been able
to disrupt this routine —
Their time together is top priority.

They can’t get enough of each other,
It’s safe to say, 
they have a thing going on
Something very special.

[This is Part 8 of a new series entitled “Strangers Collide”. See Part 1 – 7 of series here ]


Contents compiled: September 1 2016
Originally published: September 2 2016
Copyright © 2016 Moylom Enterprises


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