My Father’s Chivalry

In this fast-paced world, our cultural climate is changing and it seems the fine art chivalry is becoming ‘extinct’. But in the following post, Squid explains that chivalry, though rare, is still alive and well and this makes me very happy. Have a read, see if you agree… Enjoy! 🌷

September 3 2016

Squid's Cup of Tea

I’ve never dated, yet I have a pretty good idea of what romantic love feels like.  My father picks me up on Tuesdays from my mom’s house and we either go birding, get dinner, go back to his house and play games, watch TV, or play music (or a mixture of these).  During these activities, we talk, cuddle, laugh, and make crazy memories.  He’s quite the gentleman and holds the door for me at restaurants, kisses me on the head while we’re watching a movie and cuddling, and holds my hand when we’re driving (allowing that he can afford to take one hand off the wheel).  He texts me randomly during the day, telling me that he loves me.  We joke that when (if) I ever am in a relationship like that with a guy, I’ll have some pretty high standards because of the amazing example my daddy’s been.  And…

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