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Meet me there…

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The wife:
Honey,  I have class tonight after work, can you please pick up our son from school?

The husband:
What’s the address?

This is the child’s first day at school (Kindergarten) and husband did not have the school info.

The wife:
It’s 2 blocks from the train station. Just turn left and look for yoga building. You can’t miss it!

The husband:
Honey,  can you please give me the exact address?

The wife:
We’ve lived in this area for years,  how do you not know where the school is?

The husband:
You know I don’t focus on such things. Just text me the address!

The wife is relaying all this to me as she texts back and forth to her husband.

The wife:
Ma’am,  do you know the exact address here? I can’t understand why he can’t follow my directions.  Why does he need the exact address?

I browse the paper I’m holding and point to the school’s address.

Well some people process information differently. Actually, I’m just like your husband. I don’t understand spatial information like North, South, East, West… I need the exact address and the ‘between streets’ .

The wife:
Yup, you sound just like my husband. I don’t need that, just give me a couple landmark buildings and I’m good.

The above interaction made me think about how we all process information differently. Some of us need to break things apart to understand the innermost details of a problem,  while others are comfortable with a brief description. Some of us need order,  while others are fine with chaos. It all depends on how our brains are wired.

So, if you had to meet someone at a special location, how well are you at giving directions? Or what kind of directions do you prefer?


Contents written: September 8 2016
Originally published:  September 13 2016
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