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Good morning, Friday, I’ve missed you!

Hello lovely people!
Hope you woke up with a smile on your face. There’s lots to be thankful for, but if you need inspiration here are a few examples:
You’re alive.
God woke you up to a new day. That’s a fresh start — a new chance to make a difference — a gift!

God loves you, you’re His child! You are beautifully and wonderfully made — You are unique! Hey, that’s another gift!

It’s Friday. Fridays rock!!! Why? Because we work all week but look forward to the weekend. Friday signifies the start of the weekend. Yay!!! Yep, another gift!

Can you see now how special you are? You have all these gifts lined up and available on a daily basis. Just reach out and accept them.

Wishing you all a happy Friday! The following song will definitely put a pep in your step. Enjoy 🌷




Song: “Mandisa: Good Morning – Official Lyric Video”


Contents written: September 16 2016
Originally published: September 16 2016
Copyright © 2016 Moylom Enterprises

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