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In Pride’s Stead

Happy Saturday everyone!
Hope your weekend is off to a lovely start.
Say hello again to Brenda, this week’s quiz winner. This is her second win and thus her second round to earn a spot in our weekend ‘Showcase Reblog’. Congrats Brenda!!!

So without further ado, feast your eyes and mind on her lovely poem below. I must admit it was a bit of a brainteaser for me as it provoked a lot of in depth thought on life, faith, God, fate etc (see my comment in her comment feed). Have a read and see if you agree. Enjoy! 🌷

September 17 2016 (Showcase Reblog)

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Anatomy Quiz: Answers and winners



Hello all,
Yesterday’s Anatomy Quiz asked,

“What part of my body do I refer to as ‘wonky’?”

Here are the answers we got:
– Upper arm
– Buttocks
– Head
– Willy (lol)

Here is the correct answer:
My brain.

Why? My memory is awful. It’s awful I tell yah!!! But guess what? I accept that! Chances are I won’t remember your name unless I see it in writing but that’s OK I’ll remember something significant about you that sticks with me for life!

For example, I will remember the date of birth of all my children, but don’t bother asking how much they weighed at birth, my brain discards that information as trivial and concludes that I can easily put such detail in a cute scrapbook to pass on to them at a later date, at which they can choose to be pleased or horrified!

In a nutshell, there are things I will not remember when I want to, but there are other things I simply never forget.

I’m not happy about how my memory operates but I’ve learned that making light of it is way more fun than worrying. So get used to it people, I have a wonky brain — brilliant in some areas but terrible with memory!

Luckily, I have many workarounds to make life easier such as:
– Google calendar (to remember important dates and appointments)
– Google Keep (for personal notes)
– Blogging (to record my writing)
– Humor (to help me apologize for whatever I forget)

By writing things down and having an easy retrieval system as those mentioned above my ‘wonky brain’ and I can live happily ever after.

Thanks to those of you who played along this week, it’s been fun interacting with all of you. Stay tuned for a new quiz next week!

Here is this week’s quiz winner:

Brenda over at

Her answer was head.
Although brain is the actual word I use, I’ll give her points for giving the best answer.

Brenda, you lucky lady, instead of 2 spots for the correct answer, you’ve instead secured 1 spot for closest answer. Welcome back for another chance to showcase your work in my weekend blog schedule aka ‘Showcase Reblog’.

As I browse your blog (again) for items to share , this gives me the opportunity to spend some special time getting to know more about you. Yay!!!

Thank you all for stopping by, without you there would be no Inner Ramblings Boulevard and for this we are sincerely grateful.

Best wishes and big hugs.



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Contents written: September 16 2016
Originally published: September 16 2016
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My afternoon into evening…

We often lament that no one would find us interesting, that the mundane experiences of our lives, are just that, and nothing more. But I beg to differ!

Sometimes the simplest of things which we take for granted, are by far the things that hold the most meaning.

Say hello to “M”. She is one of our loyal followers and the following post speaks of brief encounters throughout the course of her day which evoked a plethora of emotions from me. It clearly goes to show that life, though seemingly ordinary, can have great significance to others around us. Have a read and see if you agree. Enjoy! 🌷

September 17 2016 (Showcase Reblog)

Poetry of M

Part 1

I knew before I arrived I would run into him. Funny that I should think that as I was getting ready to leave home for work… Such a silly thought considering    I almost never see him, yet today I felt I would. My intuition seems to be heightened lately… Not sure why but I sometimes its unexplainable. I walked into work and there he was sitting at the computer desk. (What woman wouldn’t notice him though; perhaps one that is no longer alive between her thighs 😳). My co worker smiled, said she and he were waiting for me to arrive. They wanted to asked how I did something. I giggled being that he is the IT guy…he just fixes complicated things though. I showed him and we laughed at the simplicity of it.  He almost had it figured out but was grateful I showed him the rest of…

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Proofreading, Training the Eye

Hello again,
Say hello to Deborah, one of our loyal followers. She’s an editor, and I’m always fascinated by her writing tips and enjoy reading poems.

The following post is about the art of proof-reading your own work — tips that I think are very valuable to all writers. Have a read and see if you agree. Enjoy! 🌷

September 17 2016 (Showcase Reblog)

BowmanAuthor and Writer/Editor

I have heard proofreading described as a talent, a science. I believe it is a learned skill. You have to slow your eyes and your mind down. See each word in its entirety, separate from the rest of the story, the rest of the sentence. But why, you may wonder, do you read slowly? If the wrong word has been inserted by spell-check or another software editing software and you’re only reading one word at a time, how do you catch errors in parallel construction and consistency? Spelling key words out loud can help, forcing you to look at each letter.

You have to read in two separate modes to proofread. One for typos or auto- change words from WORD or spell-check/grammar-check; and another read-through to make sure the facts are correct, like names, events, even descriptive passages. If the flowers along a path are beautiful red roses, and the…

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This Old Dog

Say hello to Sheldon one of our loyal followers.
In his poem below, he speaks of a great fighting spirit. The spirit we all have to channel to keep chugging along day after day. I love his poem, because in such a few short words he was able to capture what many of us feel daily. Have a read and see if you agree. Enjoy! 🌷

September 17 2016 (Showcase Reblog)

Read Sheldon’s poem here:
I wish it was a jump Into a routine Ready for a work out As I woke from my Sleep But it’s not that way I have to lay And watch the ceiling Before I can move That’s if I’m lucky en…

Keep reading…

Source: This Old Dog