Agony Of Love Series

Her Ache…

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She needs to rest her brain;
Too many thoughts swirl within;
So she lays down
But rest won’t come.

The lonely hotel room
Absent of anything familiar,
Makes her numb, which is perhaps best —
Her agony is unreal.

She’s alone and in need of comfort.
He would always be
Her shoulder to cry on,
But now he is the source of her pain.

Insecurities bombard her now;
She’s terrified!
She doesn’t want to lose him,
But the hurt he caused is unbearable.

Her heart needs answers.
She must know the truth.
She must return to face her fate;
She needs peace.

So she breathes —
Deep, slow breaths,
Hoping to calm herself;
Hoping to ease the pain.

They spoke of forever,
Their shared dreams
And hopes now shattered.
Was it all a lie?

Her ache pierces through her soul
To find a shred of hope.
Is this the end?
Or can they fix this?


[ This is Part 4 of a new series entitled “Agony of Love”. Stay tuned for Part 5. Read entire series here.]


Contents written: August 16 2016  | Originally published: August 16 2016  |  Copyright © 2016 Moylom Enterprises

11 thoughts on “Her Ache…”

  1. Absent or’ (of) anything familiar,

    Hoping to calm myself’, (I can understand the point of view of speech/thought, but U started with So she breathes–) Maybe just say, (Hoping to calm herself)?

    Still, a very dramatic telling.


      1. No worries. It really is, are the little, simple words that can be easily over-looked when writing. 😉 I know that in my head all the words are there as I read and attempt to write something out, but not all the words are there in print when the actual typing commences. 🙂 Continue writing, that is what matters the most. Little errors can be corrected at anytime. 😉


      2. Absolutely. Your quick eyes and support are very valuable to us. B and I speak of you fondly. We work diligently to produce material our followers would hopefully enjoy, but it’s quite a challenge as we both have full time jobs and families. Most nights we are each up til 2am hammering out material. We often joke of hiring you, but in all honesty we’ll need a third person down the road as our little venture is growing faster than we can keep up.


      3. Ah, well thank you for the background of your relationship, collaboration. If you think that I can be of any service to you, please let me know what I can do to assist you. And I wouldn’t necessarily need to be paid.

        What kind of work would this be? And what kind of business is this?


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