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His mistake


He came home
Expecting to find her there
But she was gone.
There was no note.

The house was clean.
Dinner was on the stove
But not complete.
Where was she?

The door to the washer was open
With clothes inside,
But his pants and the opened note
Lay on the floor.

He froze.
She wasn’t supposed to see that note.
He meant to get rid of it but forgot.
How dumb!

He flirted with that girl
From time to time
But nothing ever came of it
Or so he thought!

In his head it was all harmless fun.
He was attracted to her
But loved his girlfriend.
Being playful was just his nature.

He never expected her to fall for him.
He never expected his silly antics
Would turn into anything more.
He didn’t understand the power of his words.


[ This is Part 3 of a new series entitled “Agony of Love”. Stay tuned for Part 4. Read entire series here ]


Contents written: August 14 2016  |  Originally published: August  16 2016  |  Copyright © 2016 Moylom Enterprises


14 thoughts on “His mistake”

    1. Coming from you that’s high praise. Thank you!!!

      I’ve read your work and it’s quite suspenseful. Will be stopping by soon to spend some quality time with your work. My manic schedule doesn’t allow me to dive in deep as I would like but I’m working on it. 🌷

      Liked by 1 person

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