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Contents compiled: September 28 2016
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The Meeting



There was a knock on the door…


Mr. Radford:
Come in Jack,  close the door,
you’re right on time!
I’m all ears,
what did you want to discuss?

Good morning sir.
Well first,  there’s something
I need you to listen to…

Mr. Radford:
Okay, let’s have it!


Jack retrieved a tiny recording device from his pocket and pressed play…

Mr. Radford listened intently,  then sunk backward into his oversized office chair as he slowly spun to face the window behind him.


Mr. Radford:
Jack, Jack, Jack…

Yes sir, I know how this looks
but nothing happened with her.
I flirted a bit, but she took it seriously
and now she’s making a mess of things.

She even put a note in my pocket
which Mary found.
I tried to clear things up to save my relationship with Mary,
but Carol has another agenda here!

I can’t lose my job over this,
and I’m not gonna lose Mary either.
I’m bringing this to you
because she needs to be stopped.


Mr. Radford sighed heavily as he slowly spun his chair ’round to face Jack.


Mr. Radford:
Jack, this is quite a mess you’re in,
but I’m sorry, there’s nothing I can do!
You see, Jack, I’m just like you,
she’s got me too!


[ This is Part 12 of a series entitled “Agony of Love”. Stay tuned for Part 13. See previous installments here.]

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