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It’s over when we say it’s over!

Nothing stopping us!
We’re just getting started!
~Hawk Nelson, “Just Getting Started”~



Song: “Hawk Nelson – Just Getting Started (Official Pseudo Video)”


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Contents compiled: September 29 2016
Originally published: September 30 2016
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The Meeting Continues…



Jack’s jaw dropped
as he fumbled to find
the chair behind him.
He thought for sure
his plan would work.

He thought with all
this evidence against Carol
she’d be fired for sure!
He underestimated her…

He sat for a few minutes
in Mr Radford’s office
completely speechless.
He didn’t want to ask
too many personal questions
but he needed to know
a few things to decide
how to proceed.

Sir, with all due respect,
why can’t you just
report this to headquarters?

Mr. Radford:
Jack, I’ve been
with this company for 29 yrs.
I’m set to retire in seven.
I tried to fire her,
and she threatened
to report me to HR
and headquarters
for inappropriate conduct
in the workplace.

She wanted me
to have a relationship
with her and I refused.
She called my wife
and told her to speak to me
about flirting or she’d report me
to headquarters.

My wife was livid
and threatened to divorce me.
I got a recording, just like you,
to prove to my wife
I was being set up.

My wife suggested that
I take the recording
to headquarters
to protect myself
and save my job.

Jack, my meeting
at headquarters
ended just like
our meeting did today.
She’s got her hooks
in Crabwell too!

Oh my god, sir!
That’s insane!

Mr. Radford:
Yeah, insane isn’t even the word!
Jack, I’ve worked really hard
for this company.
I have a family.
I ‘need’ my retirement packet!
It’s too late for me to start over now.
Not when I’m so close to the end!

How am I supposed
to explain to my wife
that I lost everything
over a minor indiscretion
with someone half my age?

I was just like you Jack,
I just flirted a bit with her
and this is what happened!

I thought I was
just having a bit
of harmless fun…
now I can lose everything!

Geez sir, I had no idea!
So what are you saying?
Should I just play along
with what Carol wants?
Or should I tell Mary everything?

Mr. Radford:
That’s up to you, Jack.
You’re still young.
If Mary is the one for you
I suggest you tell her
and get the heck out of this town —
start fresh somewhere else.

I can always give you
a glowing reference.
You’re excellent at your job!
I may be your only help
if you act fast.
There’s no telling who else
Carol has ‘in her web!

If you choose to stay here,
Carol can make things
very unpleasant,
and I have a feeling
Mary won’t stick around
if she’s forced to deal
with a mess like this.
She’s young, beautiful, smart,
and certainly she’ll look
for someone else.

Yes sir, you’re right…


[ This is Part 13 of a series entitled “Agony of Love”. Stay tuned for Part 14. See previous installments here.]

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Contents written: September 28 2016 Originally published:  September 28 2016
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Personality Quiz

Hello lovely people!
It’s quiz time again! ☺

In a recent post I referred to myself  as a daredevil. I’ve given myself this title because in my younger days I took some crazy risks.
However, there’s something specific I wanted to learn to do but never got around to it. I’ve since given up on that dream but still fantasize about it from time to time. Can you tell me what it is?

Prize and winners announced Friday September 30 2016  6pm EST.

Have fun!

A. ☺


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Contents compiled: September 29 2016
Originally published: September 29 2016
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