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Hi folks!!! Hope you’re having a lovely day. ☺

Been thinking a lot about Friendship lately, feeling blessed for new ones and incredibly thankful to have had long lasting friendships in the past.

Good friends can be hard to come by these days, and as an introvert, I shy away from crowds and much prefer one on one interactions. I rather have one or two genuine friends who know me intimately, and will stand by me no matter what, than 20 fair-weather friends who only think of me when it’s convenient.

Today, as I remember the friends in my life, old and new, I’d also like to acknowledge that you out there in ‘Blogland’ are all my friends in your own special way. I appreciate the time you take to stop by, to “comment”, to “like”, to reblog, and show support through good times and bad.

I’m gonna be spending time this weekend online and offline connecting with family and friends as I embark on a new life path. Many wonderful things are in the works for the future but for now I pray for clarity, peace, and I wish these things for you also.

As I sought inspiration for this piece I stumbled on many snippets, but the following resonated with me the most. Hope they bring you inspiration as well.

Happy weekend.











Contents written and compiled: April 22 2016 | Originally published: April 22 2016 | Copyright © 2016 Moylom Enterprises

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