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The confession



Honey, you were tossing
and turning all night.
Seems you didn’t
sleep much at all,
what’s wrong?

Work was rough yesterday.
There’s a huge issue
which needs to be
resolved quickly
or it can cost us.

Is it a confidential issue?
I’m always happy to listen.
Perhaps I can offer
a fresh perspective!

Just out of curiosity,
if you had to choose
another state to live
where would you want to go?

Umm, I’ve never
given that much thought.
There are many places
I’d love to visit,
but I never imagined
leaving Boston.

I moved here
for a better opportunity
that wasn’t available in Missouri.
I guess if I had to move
it would be where I’d get
the security I’ve found here.

I don’t know…
New York maybe?
Why are you
asking about moving?

It’s because of something
Mr. Radford said
in our meeting yesterday.

You’re being
awfully mysterious Jack.
Is there something
you’re not telling me?

Actually, yes,
I have a confession…
There’s something
you need to know.


Jack retrieved
the recording device
from his briefcase,
placed it on the table,
then pressed play.

As she listened,
Mary became red
as tears filled her eyes.
She was livid
and disappointed.

She had warned him
she would not tolerate
being made to look like a fool.
She had warned him
of the dangers of flirting!


Jack, you told me this was over!
You told me you fixed this!


Mary left the room in tears,
she couldn’t believe
Jack’s silly games were now
turning their lives upside down.


[ This is Part 14 of a series entitled “Agony of Love”. Stay tuned for Part 15. See previous installments here.]

Image source: Google images
Contents written: September 30 2016 Originally published:  September 30 2016
Copyright © 2016 Moylom Enterprises


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