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Was I different then?



Was I different then
Than I am today,
Or have I always loved you
In many special ways?

Do you understand
How much you mean to me?
I can’t help loving you
With every fiber of my being.

So darling take my hand,
And love me like a man.
You are the only one
Who truly ever understands,

My heart,  my heart,  my heart,
Take my heart, my heart, my heart.
I give my heart,  my heart, my heart,
So take my heart, my heart,  my heart.

Was I different then,
Than I am today,
Or have I always loved you,
In many special ways?

These lyrics are from a song I heard in a dream recently. Very rarely do I remember dreams so vividly,  but when I do, I try to capture them as fast as I can before my ‘wonky brain’ has its way at either erasing it or stashing it in some ‘compartment’ to which I have no key! ☺

The voice I heard was so soothing and beautiful that I wish I had such a voice to sing these lyrics as wonderfully as I heard it in the dream. But alas, I am no American Idol so I recorded the lyrics privately in hopes of later transferring the melody to an instrumental piece which I may post at a later date. In the mean time,  I’m searching for apps that I can use easily that will help me accomplish this task. Keeping my fingers crossed.

Hope you enjoyed the lyrics and may you all be blessed with a wonderful day and weekend. 🌷



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Originally published: October 7 2016
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