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As my day comes to a close and my eyes begin to dim, I find myself engulfed in deep reflection. My life has had many ups and downs, and as I struggle to find my happy place amid all the chaos, I find myself often wishing I had a better/closer relationship with my parents.

My dad has already passed on, but mom is still around. I struggle with the notion that she really doesn’t understand me and perhaps doesn’t care to. And in turn, as much as I try to be authentic in my general life, I can’t be that way with her. How frustrating!

As I spent time catching up on my reading today, I stumbled on this piece by one of our loyal followers, Carly Quinn. Her words resonated with me and gave me much food for thought. Delve into her mind for a little while as she relates her story and her solution. Be sure to show her your love. Enjoy!🌷

October 10 2016 (Showcase Reblog)

Carly Quinn

It’s been almost a year since I’ve had any contact with my father.

It’s a long story, but the short version is that when my mother died my father didn’t handle it or his children well.

I suspect this stand-off has much more to do with my current writing funk than I’m willing to admit.

One of the lines I wrote to him was, We’re are all adults now, we all know why you rushed to get remarried.

I must have re-read that line fifty times. It wasn’t the most shocking thing I said, or the most difficult but it caught my attention and wouldn’t let go. Never in my life did I foresee a day I, as an adult woman, would feel the need take my father to task. In fact, I don’t remember ever thinking about being an adult much at all.

I imagine this he pictured…

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4 thoughts on “Adult-ing”

  1. That was a very good post your friend wrote, and judging from the comments, it spoke to a lot of people. I think sometimes the hardest part of growing up is claiming who we really are to our family, particularly our parents. And the problem is that they get to choose whether or not they accept us. And it hurts a lot when they don’t! Thank you for sharing this….

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    1. Thanks for reading her work.
      Yes it’s very hard to comprehend the notion that our parents, who are supposed to know us better than anyone, don’t know us at all, or don’t care to. It cuts deep!

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