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A kiss in the Moonlight
Your lips and mine
The passion we feel
When our worlds finally Collide.

To savor each second
Every stroke, every touch,
To revel in the beauty
Of your nature and love.

There’s no question anymore
We’re no longer safe but falling,
Free to soar, and free to be
There’s no point in denying it.

So right, yet so wrong
We both know the cost.
Fear mixed with freedom
To love and be loved.

I too have begun
To see a future as ‘us’,
You too are worth the wait
There’s absolutely no rush.

So kiss me in the Moonlight,
Slow, soft and tenderly.
Lock your fingers in mine
I’ll be yours if you’ll have me.


Image source: Google images
Contents written: April 16 2016
Originally published: October 12 2016
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