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12 things your grandparents said…

When my body is still
And my mind is allowed to drift aimlessly,
I remember the good old days
When dad told stories
Which began with the phrase,
“I remember when… ”

Say hello to Sue Vincent. She is one of our loyal followers and her post below sent me down memory lane as she compiled quite an entertaining list of the things our grandparents said that seemed ridiculous then but are so true now that we’re older. Hop on over and show your love. Enjoy! 🌷

October 15 2016 (Showcase Reblog)

Sue Vincent's Daily Echo

From the archives – December 2014:

old age by CecigianWhen you are very young, forty seems ancient and grandparents are, of course, so old they are practically another species. Like dinosaurs…almost- but-not-quite extinct and very much at home in museums. Their homes bear the traces of a ‘bygone era’…you know, a whole twenty years ago… and it is impossible to imagine yourself walking in their shoes. Not that you would be seen dead in them…

I clearly remember my own feeling of awe when my mother reached the venerable age of thirty. I was already pretty much grown up… in my own eyes at least… and could barely conceive of a time when I would be that old. These days, of course, thirty is a spring chicken and even my grandparents would have been younger then than I am now. I remember too some years later when my great grandmother, well into…

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