Agony Of Love Series, Short Stories

The Therapist



Natasha Crawford
was Mary’s therapist
back in Missouri.

Mary saw her secretly for a year
as she tried to rationalize
the loss of her friend Nina
and her ability
to communicate with her
even after she had passed on.

For a while Mary struggled
to determine if what she could see
was real or just a figment
of her imagination.

In therapy,
Ms Crawford dug deep, 
trying to get to the root
of Mary’s obsession with death.

Then one day, 
without any warning, 
Mary called to cancel
her appointment
and all subsequent visits.
She never heard from
Mary again until today…


The phone rings…


Ms Crawford:
This is Natasha Crawford speaking,
how may I assist you?

Hello Ms Crawford. It’s Mary.
Mary Leftwich.
I was your patient 6 years ago.
Do you remember me?

Ms Crawford:
Oh my goodness, Mary! 
Of course I remember you!
You ended your sessions
and I never understood why!

Yes, I’m really sorry about
how I ended things,
but there was a reason for that.

I had a significant breakthrough
and it terrified me to no end.
I needed to get out of Missouri.
I needed to get away from Nina.

Ms Crawford:
What do you mean
‘get away from Nina’
Was she visiting you
more frequently?

No, not more often,
she was showing up
with other people too.
She wanted me to talk
to people she’d met
on the other side.

Ms Crawford:
Oh my goodness!
That Is terrifying!

[ This is Part 17 of a series entitled “Agony of Love”. Stay tuned for Part 18. See previous installments here.]

Image source: Google images
Contents written: October 17 2016
Originally published: October 17 2016
Copyright © 2016 Moylom Enterprises


9 thoughts on “The Therapist”

    1. Took a break from this series as I had a lot going on the past few months. Hope to resume the story soon. Thanks for reading! 🌷


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