Agony Of Love Series, Short Stories

The Others




Ms Crawford, I know you think
I’m making all this up
because I miss Nina.
I know you must think
I need medication or something…

Ms Crawford:
Well, stop right there Mary!
You came to me
because you needed answers,
and within my
professional capacity
that’s what I was trying to do.

There were a few things
I had trouble grasping,
but that’s what I’m paid to do,
to help find answers.

I know you’re in a Boston now,
have you seen
anyone else about this?

I’ve kept it to myself
all these years.
Jack knows tidbits
but I was afraid
he might not be able
to handle knowing everything.

I was scared that
he or anyone else
would not want
to be with someone like me.

Ms Crawford:
I see…
So, why are you calling today, Mary?
How may I assist you now?

Well I was wondering
if you’d be interested
in resuming my sessions.
Perhaps via Skype or phone?

Ms Crawford:
Well I have done
the occasional phone session
as an emergency,
but it would be a first
doing it as a primary
mode of therapy.
I would have to verify
that there are no restrictions.

I have one question though,
did you know
any of the other people
Nina brought to see you?

No, at least not at first.
Honestly, I thought
I was hallucinating.
Then one day
Nina seemed upset.

She demanded that
I take her seriously.
Then she left.
A few minutes later
she returned with my mom,
Sara Leftwich.

Ms Crawford:
Oh Mary,
that must have been
a traumatizing event!
I remember how much
you missed her.

You spoke of her
a lot in therapy.
You and Nina
became friends
after your mom passed.

If she was alive
I might have been able
to talk to her about all this.

I kept it from everyone
because I didn’t want dad
to think I was being mean
to his new wife.

It was strange enough
having to call
this new woman ‘mom’,
so I didnt want her
thinking I was crazy —
I didn’t want to be labeled as
the ‘problem child‘.

Ms Crawford:
Oh Mary!
Im so sorry
you had to bear
this burden all alone.

I’ll figure out the details
on my end,
but I will fit you
into my schedule.
I promise!

Thank you! I’m very grateful.

[ This is Part 18 of a series entitled “Agony of Love”. Stay tuned for Part 19. See previous installments here.]


Image source: Google images
Contents written: October 17 2016
Originally published: October 18 2016
Copyright © 2016 Moylom Enterprises


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