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Hello lovely people!
Thanks for taking the time to hang with me this week.
Hope you’ve all been well.
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Goodbye Traditional, Hello Indie – Results

Great advice for those of us aspiring to become published authors.

Say hello to D. Wallace Peach, one of our loyal followers. Her writing tips are wonderful and I’m sure you’d agree. Hop on over and show some love. Enjoy! 🌷

October 21 2016 (Showcase Reblog)

Myths of the Mirror

Eight months ago, I started the process of canceling my traditional publishing contracts and re-releasing all my books as an indie author. My reasons for the switch were detailed in two posts Goodbye Traditional, Hello Indie(Part I) and (Part II).

The process went more smoothly than I could have imagined, and I wanted to share the results:

1. I left myself 8 months to convert 6 books. Two months per book would have been easier as I was reproofing as part of the process. The advice: Create a schedule and then give yourself extra time.

2. New covers had an instantaneous sales response. Covers do matter whether traditional or indie publishing.

3. My old reviews ALL carried over to the new books. All I had to do was ask Amazon to combine the old (publisher) and new (indie) editions leaving only the new editions visible. The same phone call…

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