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Personality quiz

Hello lovely people!
It’s quiz time again! ☺

If you’ve been reading my posts for a while you’d have some idea of my personality by now. But if you’re new I may still be a bit of an enigma!  Either way,  this quiz isn’t based on any facts, but instead, on your opinion. There will be no wrong answers!

If I were an ice cream flavor which one do you think I’d most likely be and why?

Excited to hear your thoughts. Have fun!
Participants will be honored in my upcoming Showcase Reblogs as my way of saying thank you! 🌷


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Contents compiled: October 18 2016
Originally published: October 19 2016
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23 thoughts on “Personality quiz”

  1. Ice cream
    You are always all over the place
    There’s this flavor
    That the thirty one guys have
    It’s call billionaire chocolate
    It’s milk chocolate and white chocolate mixed
    it’s to die for
    That’s you
    High end,and boo ya for the buck
    The Sheldon Perspective

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    1. Wow! Had no idea there was such a flavor but that certainly sounds like me. I love both milk and white chocolate. Add a little fruit n nuts in there and now you’re talking!

      Loving that Sheldon Perspective ! 😁

      Thanks for your answer… I’ll be hanging out at your spot soon for Showcase Reblog. 🌷

      Hooe your having a good day. Hugs ☺

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    1. Wow. Love chocolate. Haven’t had rum n raisin in a while, but love that too. Had never thought of combining the two, but if that were my personality I think it would be a great combo! I love variety, it keeps things exciting. Now off I go to find some rum n raisin ice cream! ☺

      Thanks for your great feedback. I’ll be over soon for your Showcase Reblog. 🌷


  2. I’d so be peanut butter and marmite. Not yet recognised as a flavour despite its gloriously sweet and darkly paradoxical nature, but give it time. And a publishing contract.


    1. Marmite?
      Haven’t had that since I was a kid!!!
      That would be an interesting combo.

      Thanks for your great feedback. I’ll be over soon for Showcase Reblog!

      Hooe you’re having a great day. ☺🌷

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      1. Hahaha!!! Thanks for that happy memory. I’m gonna have to see if it’s in my grocery. Thanks for chatting.
        Hope you’re having a great day ☺ 🌷

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    1. Hmm, I’ve yet to try butterscotch ice cream. I guess I need to add that to my shopping list! ☺

      Thanks for playing along. I’ll visit your page soon for Showcase Reblog 🌷

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      1. It’s a challenge to find dairyfree options so to try new flavors I’d have to go with regular dairy versions. But I would like to taste that butterscotch, it sounds yummy.

        Maybe I can just get some butterscotch syrup to drizzle on my no dairy options. 😁

        Thanks for chatting. Have a lovely day 🌷

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    1. Ahhhaaa, thanks for explaining your choice! Appreciate the compliment, thank you.

      Chocolate and vanilla make an awesome combo and I’ve enjoyed it many times. Mixing things up works — diversity rocks!

      Thanks for playing along. I’ll be over soon for your Showcase Reblog. In the mean time have a lovely day. Hugs ☺ 🌷

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