Pebbles In My Shoes by Joel F

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Have you ever wondered if the path you’re on is the road you’re meant to truly travel? Sometimes the journey can seem so long and daunting. Detours take us to places we never would have chosen to walk, but the journey in and of itself, teaches us lessons we wouldn’t have learned otherwise.

The experiences are ours and ours alone. No one can take them away from us. No one can add or take away from our story, for it is ours, unique and precious. The life you live is your masterpiece — your artwork left behind for others to admire if they truly care to know you.

Say hello to Joel, one of our loyal followers and a participant in my last ‘Personality Quiz‘. Thanks Joel for stopping by my Quiz, the spotlight now shines on you!

Folks, Joel’s post below speaks of his personal journey and his original artwork always adds pizazz to his posts. Hop on over to Joel’s place and show some love. Enjoy! 🌷

October 29 2016 (Showcase Reblog)

Joys of Joel

Then it showed me the way with flickering lights and buzzing bumble sound.  Not leaving through the main hallway but through the backdoor leading to some alleys.

My walk being halted by  pebbles in my shoes, picking up the pieces and throwing those pebbles away.  To my surprise a car slowed down, a stranger inviting me for a ride.

With gratitude i declined and noticed the damaged window shield.  How those tiny rocks so quickly cracked the stranger’s car was beyond me.

And if circumstances are seeking its revenge by slowly enticing me to ride, then surely blowing its horn is not a welcome sight.

The  irony of courtesy and ambivalence courting dangers and respect.  Now, where else would i go when i took off my shoes so there won’t be  any pebbles to halt my motion?

But  pebbles still seep into my sole now that i’m barefooted.  Damn if…

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