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Be strong and of a good courage, fear not, nor be afraid of them: for the LORD thy God, he it is that doth go with thee; he will not fail thee, nor forsake thee.
Deuteronomy: 31. 6. – Bible Offline




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Love him generously…


Tired —
He turns the key,  thankful to be home.
To rest his wary head but for a moment
Is his only thought.

His mate —
The queen of his heart, is home early.
She surprises him with hugs and kisses
And a meal fit for a king.

He eats —
His satisfaction shows in body and soul.
He adores his his darling bride
For she is his everything.

She leads —
He follows willingly.
She has drawn him a bath
To soak away the stress of his day.

At first —
He resists, deeming her gift not ‘manly’.
But he obliges his queen
For he hates to hurt her loving heart.

He soaks —
He is soothed and relaxed.
He rinses the suds away and so also goes
His stress,  down the drain.

He reflects —
He is pleased and also amused.
He utters, “Perhaps ‘manly’ men
Take baths after all!”

She smiles —
She leads him to their bed.
“Perhaps my ‘manly’ man
Would like a massage?”

He’s thrilled —
“I’d love that sweetheart,
How thoughtful you always are!
You certainly know how to please me.”

She blushes —
She makes him comfortable.
Her delicate hands soothe him well.
His muscles, once tight, are now relaxed.

He stretches —
He is pleased and thanks her profusely.
He kisses her caring hands
And caresses her cheek.

He dozes —
She kisses him tenderly.
“Rest now,  my love,
For you’ve toiled long and hard today.”

She rises —
He rouses and takes her hand,
“Stay a while beside me,  my queen,
Hold me close to your soul.”

She chuckles —
Sweetly, she brushes his furrowed brow.
She kisses his tired hands
As soft music plays in the background.

She says —
“Anything for you,  my love,
Beside you I’ll stay, holding you close
As long as you need. ”

She stays —
She is his queen and he is her king.
He rests his head on her bossom
Snuggled close to her heart.

He’s aroused —
His queen knows exactly what to do.
And so she loved him generously
From evening until sunrise.

They talk —
Their conversations are endless.
They thrive on each other’s words.
They speak a language many don’t understand.

Their love —
It transcends all others.
Friends, soul mates, lovers and more.
Together they soar as their love comes alive.

Song: “I Choose You”, Sara Bareilles

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