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Feels like I’m Floating …

holding hot chocolate

I smiled today, not because I needed to pretend to be happy but because I actually was! There was a sense of peace and calm surrounding me — my troubles seemed to fade effortlessly away. I looked out to the sea but the rain was in the way, so I looked at the rain.

The sound, ever so soothing, brought back fond memories of my childhood. No school, just home under the covers. A day to spend in bed reading a good book, napping or watching movies. Trips to the kitchen, slow but deliberate, are to retrieve comfort foods: hot chocolate, soup, popcorn or what ever else that was easy to bring back to the bedroom or to the sofa to make the lazy day one to remember.

I smiled today, because I didn’t have to brave the elements or feel rushed or overwhelmed. Instead I was able to sit still and just be. I have been longing for moments like these for some time and I’m so glad they are finally becoming a reality.

I smiled today because I’m free to feel however I want just for me — feels like I’m floating as a leaf downstream; not fighting the currents, just willingly going along for the ride.



*Originally published: January 2015

Contents written: January 12 2015 Edited: January 29 2015 ย | ย Copyright 2015 Moylom Enterprises

12 thoughts on “Feels like I’m Floating …”

    1. Just trying to see/find beauty amid the chaos. Some days I am able to and some days the chaos dominates. But in the quite moments, even if it’s just 5 mins, I soak up every ounce of peace I am blessed with, for I know not when such a moment will exist again.

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