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Happy Thanksgiving


Hello lovely people! Happy Thanksgiving!!!

This Thanksgiving I have lots for which to be thankful.

1. I have an amazing Father. He knows all my needs. He knows all my dreams. He knows my pain. He knows how much I’ve suffered. He knows how far I’ve come. He knows how far I’ve yet to go. He knows my future. Without my heavenly Father I would be completely lost. He is guiding my path. He is my light in the darkness. Thank you God! You are the Spirit that spoke…

2. I have an awesone best friend who believes in me in moments when I don’t believe in myself. Pushing me to step out of my comfort zone. Pushing me to reach for the stars. My dreams are being realized and my best friend has been holding my hand all the way. Thank you. ☺ You are the Gardener…

3. I have amazing friends watching over me. They are taking care of many of my needs. Needs I never anticipated. Needs I cannot tend to on my own. Needs only my Father knew existed. Friends, you are my angels…

4. I have family who love me. My family is not perfect, but when push comes to shove they rally the troops to fight for any of us in trouble. Thank you! Family, you are my soldiers…

5. I have this blog and all you lovely people with whom I communicate every day. You folks have added an interesting twist to my life and I can’t imagine not blogging. I love it here!!! You are my inspiration!

So what are you thankful for today?

Happy Thanksgiving everyone. 🌷


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We are family

My time here on WordPress has made me realize that we are all one big happy writing family. I wake up feeling thankful everyday knowing I have this place to share my thoughts and feel safe doing so. I love the vibe here and can’t imagine being anywhere else.

Hello family! Hope you are all having a fabulous day. Hugs ☺ 🌷



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Short Stories

4 things that make me cringe


We all have pet peeves.
Yep, those things that really get under our skin! The things that gross us out. The deal-breakers! See a few of mine below:

1. All talk and no action
This is a big one for me.
I’ve come across a few of these people in my life. The ones who promise you the world — the ones who talk a good game but in the end that’s all it is, just talk! What a let down. I’ve had to cut my losses many times with folks like this. I’m wondering how much cutting I’ll have to do yet.

2. Hotel carpet
I grew up with carpet but my mother was meticulous with cleaning. Everyday those carpets were vacuumed. No seriously, I mean EVERY SINGLE DAY! And sure enough we got new carpet every few years.

As an adult, however, I grew to dislike carpet because of what I saw in my line of work. My eyes were open to what carpet really was — a germ magnet. My philosophy became if I couldn’t wash/clean it regularly I didn’t want it in my house.

I’ve been traveling lately and I was super pleased to not have carpet in my hotel room for the first leg of my trip. Unfortunately the second leg wasn’t as fun. Cheaper hotel = you get what you pay for. I’m happy to be saving money and that have a roof over my head but this creepy brown carpet is completely grossing me out. Yuk!!!

3. Dirty kitchen/ Bathroom
I like things clean but I admit there are certain things I can overlook. However, when it comes to the kitchen and bathroom, I need those two places to be clean or else!!! Deal-breaker? You better believe it!

4. Fake friends
Yep, the ones who want to be around you because of an agenda — because of what they can get from you. I’ve had many of those in my life too. At this point in my life I’m pretty much done with fakers. If your not for me,  then by default your against me.

I treat people the way I’d like to be treated but if others don’t share those values then I have to ask myself the question, “why are we friends?”

So what are your pet peeves?
What makes you crazy?
What gets under your skin?
What are your deal-breaker?

Excited to hear your feedback.
Thanks for stopping by.




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So we played…



Mommy, can you play with me?

Not right now honey, mommy’s busy…

But mommmm, you promised! Can you play with me  Pleeeeeeease!

Okay, okay, what do you want to play?

How about we play with the lizards?

Lizards? Really?

Yes, they are sooo cute!!

Oye! Okay… Let’s play…

So we played, you and I.
I watched your face light up
As we sat at the table.
Your imagination sparked as did mine,
As we put all the pieces in place.

We were in-tune, the game was fun.
Your move, then mine,
Moments captured and framed
To be remembered always…

* Originally published May 2015
** Princess is another pet name for my daughter aka Munchkin

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When was the last time you had a song stuck in your head for days on end. Well, I’ve heard that the cure for that is to listen to another song that’s just as fun.

So, here’s the cure for your ‘Earworm’. Play as much as you want. Blogger’s orders!!! Enjoy 😀


Song: “A Great Big World – Rockstar”

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