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4 things that make me cringe


We all have pet peeves.
Yep, those things that really get under our skin! The things that gross us out. The deal-breakers! See a few of mine below:

1. All talk and no action
This is a big one for me.
I’ve come across a few of these people in my life. The ones who promise you the world — the ones who talk a good game but in the end that’s all it is, just talk! What a let down. I’ve had to cut my losses many times with folks like this. I’m wondering how much cutting I’ll have to do yet.

2. Hotel carpet
I grew up with carpet but my mother was meticulous with cleaning. Everyday those carpets were vacuumed. No seriously, I mean EVERY SINGLE DAY! And sure enough we got new carpet every few years.

As an adult, however, I grew to dislike carpet because of what I saw in my line of work. My eyes were open to what carpet really was — a germ magnet. My philosophy became if I couldn’t wash/clean it regularly I didn’t want it in my house.

I’ve been traveling lately and I was super pleased to not have carpet in my hotel room for the first leg of my trip. Unfortunately the second leg wasn’t as fun. Cheaper hotel = you get what you pay for. I’m happy to be saving money and that have a roof over my head but this creepy brown carpet is completely grossing me out. Yuk!!!

3. Dirty kitchen/ Bathroom
I like things clean but I admit there are certain things I can overlook. However, when it comes to the kitchen and bathroom, I need those two places to be clean or else!!! Deal-breaker? You better believe it!

4. Fake friends
Yep, the ones who want to be around you because of an agenda — because of what they can get from you. I’ve had many of those in my life too. At this point in my life I’m pretty much done with fakers. If your not for me,  then by default your against me.

I treat people the way I’d like to be treated but if others don’t share those values then I have to ask myself the question, “why are we friends?”

So what are your pet peeves?
What makes you crazy?
What gets under your skin?
What are your deal-breaker?

Excited to hear your feedback.
Thanks for stopping by.




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Contents compiled: November 24 2016
Originally published: November 24 2016
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15 thoughts on “4 things that make me cringe”

    1. That’s a good one.
      Although, the world is going digital now, so books are going that way too.

      I moved many times and at one point I left a bunch of books at my old place as they were just too heavy to carry. I use kindle now.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I’m with Anthony Powell
        ‘Books do furnish a room’
        I ‘get’ kindle (especially for holiday reading) but there is nothing to beat the tactile pleasure of a beautifully typeset or illustrated book
        And I get a bit OCD about filing – have my personalised Dewey system …
        But getting way too geeky (and publicly geeky) now
        Anyway, liked the blog and it made me think
        Thank you

        Liked by 1 person

      2. You’re right books do furnish a room I just don’t have as many as I used to.

        Thank so much for reading, Love the feedback.

        Hope you’re having a great day. Happy Thanksgiving. Hugs ☺ 🌷


  1. I love this post, we all shy away from talking about what we tolerate because of civility.
    I dislike dirty curtains and faded flowers , unchanged calendar sheets.
    I am 100% in sync about fake friends.
    At least ” Tell me, what it is you want fro me , let me decide if I can give it or not”
    I also get highly irritated by men who want to dominate every intellectual discussion, feel so threatened if some one speaks better , looks better or does anything differently….

    Intolerance to creativity , intelligence and judgmentality drives me mad…..
    Thank you for this platform to hear my irritation……. Thanks for the tolerance.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Hmm.
    What are my pet peeves? Somebody who walks out of a room and leaves the light on.
    What makes me crazy? My computer.
    What gets under my skin? My neighbors’ cats using my yard as their own personal toilet.
    What is a deal-breaker? Betrayal.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Personal space!!!
      Yes, I can totally understand that.
      I’m the same with strangers.
      But I am very ‘touchy feely’ with people I know. I’m a ‘hugger’ ☺

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