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Happy Thanksgiving


Hello lovely people! Happy Thanksgiving!!!

This Thanksgiving I have lots for which to be thankful.

1. I have an amazing Father. He knows all my needs. He knows all my dreams. He knows my pain. He knows how much I’ve suffered. He knows how far I’ve come. He knows how far I’ve yet to go. He knows my future. Without my heavenly Father I would be completely lost. He is guiding my path. He is my light in the darkness. Thank you God! You are the Spirit that spoke…

2. I have an awesone best friend who believes in me in moments when I don’t believe in myself. Pushing me to step out of my comfort zone. Pushing me to reach for the stars. My dreams are being realized and my best friend has been holding my hand all the way. Thank you. ☺ You are the Gardener…

3. I have amazing friends watching over me. They are taking care of many of my needs. Needs I never anticipated. Needs I cannot tend to on my own. Needs only my Father knew existed. Friends, you are my angels…

4. I have family who love me. My family is not perfect, but when push comes to shove they rally the troops to fight for any of us in trouble. Thank you! Family, you are my soldiers…

5. I have this blog and all you lovely people with whom I communicate every day. You folks have added an interesting twist to my life and I can’t imagine not blogging. I love it here!!! You are my inspiration!

So what are you thankful for today?

Happy Thanksgiving everyone. 🌷


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Contents compiled: November 24 2016
Originally published: November 24 2016
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