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(My) Sleeping Beauty

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Source: Yahoo images (

I held you in my arms today
Waiting for you to wake up.
It’s been a while since I held you like this —
Watching you sleep,
Marveling at how much you’ve grown,
Thankful to be given such a gift.

Being with you like this is rare these days
Since you no longer stay still.
There’s so much you MUST explore
So much you MUST show me
Some much you MUST ask me
The only thing that silences you is sleep.

It’s amazing how it transforms you
From chaos to calm
So I can see my sweet angel,
My little princess, My treasure
Not the beast you pretend to be.

I’m sorry I’m always busy in your presence
I fear that you are learning
to not be still from me.
Even before you were born
I carried you with me —
Constantly moving,
constantly working, constantly busy;
In many respects you are me.

I am an army of one,
Never relied on anyone else
To do for me
What I could do for myself.

I see these traits in you now,
even at three
And though your independence
makes me proud
I fear it will have you
following in my footsteps —
Not needing anyone —
not wanting anyone!

But that’s a lie!
I do need people
To inspire, to encourage
To listen, to care
And what’s more,
I’ve always wanted you!

BUT my introverted nature,
Can only tolerate
external stimulation for so long
Before I must flee to my inner cave
For solace, for silence, for peace.
It is from that place I gain strength
To face the madness again.

It is my desperate need for silence
That makes me misunderstood.
My actions are not meant to hurt
Or cause offense.
My efforts to shut out the world
Are only so I can enjoy it on my terms.

So sleep my little one
As I cherish this moment
For in a few short minutes
You will be awake
Causing chaos as usual,
And in a few short years
You will be grown and gone
And this will only be a memory.

Contents written: March 23, 2015. Edited April 1, 2015 | Originally published: April 2015  | Copyright  2015 Moylom Enterprises

46 thoughts on “(My) Sleeping Beauty”

  1. I enjoyed every word of this heartfelt poem bursting with so many emotions and reflections. I, too must seek quiet to find and be myself and sometimes worry about social correctness; but my husband understands and others don’t seem to notice much. Now I know that you would understand

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    1. So glad you enjoyed it. Thanks for your lovely comments. I’ve been called antisocial many times since I have a very low tolerance for crowds. I’ve since learned a few work-arounds but big events usually leave me quite exhausted mentally. It’s comforting to know we are not alone. Have a lovely day!


    1. Yes, that’s actually a great description. Thanks so much for reading… Your comments mean a lot. Hope you’re having a nice day.


  2. “It is my desperate need for silence
    That makes me misunderstood.”—I love that line because I can so relate. Introverts often get misinterpreted because we tend to look serious and a bit closed off. But usually it’s just because we’re lost in our own thoughts.


    1. Yep. ‘Lost in thought is a good way to describe it’… Most of the time I’m thinking, “why did I decide to do this again?” or “if I leave now will anyone notice?” lol


  3. Lovely words and so full of tenderness. As a new granny I can so relate to that toddler whirlwind, the intense energy expended in learning the world and exploring one’s power. Then there are those moments of sweet, calm sleep and a time to reflect on the wonder of these small souls. Thanks for sharing.

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    1. Thanks for taking the time to appreciate my work. Glad that piece had such an impact. Your comments mean a lot. Have a lovely day!


    1. Yes. I’m aware of that possibly of change. My childhood isn’t something I’d like to relive. So I’m doing my best to give to her what I never got. Hope she appreciates it.


      1. Mine wasn’t either…but things changed for a different reason. I guess the bottom line is that I raised them and was always there for them. Who they “choose” later in life….is nothing I can control. C’est la vie.

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      1. Oh my friend, I had no idea sleeping was an issue for you. I do apologize for my silly comment last night about being up late. I feel awful.


  4. Aww A! This is so so beautiful!
    My 22 year old is coming home this weekend and I still hold him and think about those days when he was my little one!
    Thanks for this one and I love the picture 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m glad you enjoyed it! How cool to have your boy be home for the weekend. My eldest is about to be 21. Miss him terribly, but he’s off making his own path. Hope to see him soon. Have a lovely weekend. Enjoy. Hugs 🌷

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes. Thank you. Some days it’s a struggle to have me time and give her my undivided attention. Its all about finding balance.

      Hope you’re having a good day ☺

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    1. Thank you so much. Sorry I’m so late to respond I’m just now seeing this comment.
      Hope you’ve been well. Happy New Year!


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