Fly, my sweet bird, fly!

Image source: Google images (pintrest.com)

Fly,  my sweet bird, fly!
Let your wings take you to heights unknown.
Let your adventures be memorable.
Let your eyes see the beauty still present in the world.

And when your wings need a rest,
Fly back to me,  straight into my open arms,
For you will always be safe here
Until you are ready to built your own nest elsewhere.

Tell me of all your adventures,
Of all your hopes and dreams.
And when you’re done and rested
Fly,  my sweet bird,  fly!


Dedicated to my sweet munchkin.
I saw you running at the playground yesterday,  your legs, longer now,  transport you so much faster than the baby steps you once sported. You dashed across the playground as I sat and watched you play. You were my little bird,  flying in the wind — and what a windy day that was!  How much and fast you’ve grown,  how much you’ve thrived,  how blessed I am to see you become the beautiful bird that you are — my sweet bird,  flying, as with the time that has flown so fast these three and a half years. You played endlessly, then returned to me intermittently to rest and share a few hugs, then off you went like a bird flying to your next adventure. Precious moments to remember forever… Fly, my sweet bird,  fly!




[Originally published July 2015]

Contents written: July 1 2015  |  Edited: July 2 & 10 2015  |  Copyright 2015 Moylom Enterprises