To her,
Love is a fantasy.
Loneliness is real.
She will just have to accept it.


Image source: Google images
Contents compiled: December 17 2016
Originally published: December 17 2016
Copyright © 2016 Inner Ramblings Boulevard


11 thoughts on “Fantasy”

    1. I doubt anyone fantasizes about being lonely.

      Being in a healthy, loving relationship is wonderful but we all need a bit of alone time to to be by ourselves. That isn’t loneliness.

      Some people are warm, loving, caring, giving, but are not fortunate enough to find true love. Instead they come across ppl who use or abuse their kindness.

      Having no one to love us even if we’re not locking ourselves away makes life very lonely.

      Having a bit of alone time is different from being lonely or feeling alone.

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      1. I agree. What I meant was that loneliness can seem like a far-away idea (a fantasy image, but not one you long for) when you are loved, and love can be a fantasy when you’re lonely. I’ve got no idea what it feels like to be loved and respected by someone other than my parents, so love is a fantasy for me. But a friend of mine recently got married; as long as I know her, she’s been with her husband. I don’t think she understands what loneliness is. So in a way, loneliness is a fantasy for her, a fairy-tale she can’t imagine ever happening.

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      2. Ahhh, now I understand what you mean.
        I’m just like you. Been in so many horrible relationships, and endured some horrible experiences with my own family that love seems like something that may never happen for me.

        And just like you I have a friend who keeps telling me I need to be more positive. Yet he has always been in longterm relationships that span decades. I don’t think he understands what loneliness really is.

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