What happened?



Woke up today with my tongue aching.
Apparently I bit it while I was sleeping!
What in the world was I possibly dreaming,
To do such damage to my own being?

I must have been sacred or perhaps raging!
I wish my brain was good at remembering.
But alas, I sigh,  for there’s no explaining,
What actually happened to be so damaging.


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Contents compiled: December 28 2016
Originally published: December 28 2016
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Time Travel

Time travel: My name is ‘you’

Hello lovely people.
It’s time for another trip back in time.
Buckle  those seat belts.
Here we go!



Song: “Sesame Street: We All Sing the Same Song”


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Contents compiled: October 27 2016
Originally published: October 27 2016
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Kissed by the rain…



The rain came pouring down
Kissing the Earth passionately
As only mother nature knows how.

Then from the ground
Rose vapors upward to the sky
As if to thank the heavens
For their release.

I too was kissed by the rain
It caught me by surprise — I gasped!
So I shall also raise my hands upwards
In sweet surrender, as my vapors rise.

Contents written: July 1 2016
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