Poetry, Short Stories

The silent dentist



I sat;
He cleaned;
He went to another room.

He was done;
I didn’t know;
I was confused.

I said, “thank you!”
He said, “you’re welcome!”
He was with another patient.

He wasn’t engaging;
I didn’t feel welcomed;
I thought his reply ironic.

I may need a new dentist;
He semed insincere and unfriendly;
He may not even care if I switch.

He may just be a man of few words;
He may be frequently misunderstood;
I really can’t tell from just 2 visits.

I will decide after my next cleaning;
He may have more to say then;
He has now been dubbed the silent dentist.


Contents written: September 7 2016
Originally published: September 8 2016
Copyright © 2016 Moylom Enterprises


27 thoughts on “The silent dentist”

    1. Hahaha!
      Yeah, I don’t need him to be a chatterbox, but when one has chosen profession that deals with people so intimately one has to be a little more friendly in my opinion.


  1. I actually recently found out a local businesses directory which shows top rated local businesses including top dentists in your city, it’s named Pajix , this is their website http://www.pajix.com , I found my dentist on there, you can read other customers reviews, check location and dentists prices and then book your appointments online! It’s really convenient

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  2. Mine always asks a lot of questions I can’t answer because he’s got his fingers in my mouth. But he’s very attractive so what do I care if he’s a bit silly 0:)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hahaha. Yes, cute doctors, dentists etc are so fun!
      I had a cute physical therapist once. I was so ridiculous. I couldn’t believe how silly I was being! ☺

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  3. I’ve never had a dentist like that but I have had doctors like that. I had one who was so busy on her phone that she didn’t even look at me. All I needed was a scrip for a refill. She started scribbling it out and I said “don’t you even want to know why I take this?”
    She said “oh, yes….for your brood plessure.”
    Couldn’t have been more wrong. Never saw her again.


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