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5 Fragrances that make me happy



1. Bleach
No I’m not bonkers there’s a good reason. Here goes…
I like things clean. The smell of bleach tells me some serious cleaning is going on or just happened. Because it’s clean and disinfected I know I can relax — I’m in a Cringe-free Zone.

2. Cinnamon
I love the taste of cinnamon. I sprinkle some in my coffee, in my tea, on yams, on sticky buns and when making many other baked treats. But the smell of cinnamon is quite heavenly.

Around the holidays I try to find cinnamon scented candles because it gets me in the Holiday spirit. So if I’m not in the mood to bake at least the house still smells festive. ☺

3. Vanilla
I don’t wear perfume. Instead I indulge in various scented lotions and bodywashes.
I love the St Ives line of lotions because they are great for my sensitive skin and they smell great! I try different ones throughout the year but the Vanilla is my favorite (but sometimes hard to find).

The Dove line of bodywashes is amazingly rich and fragrant. My favorite is, Dove Purely Pampering Shea Butter with Warm Vanilla bodywash.

I also enjoy vanilla scented candles. Pair them with cinnamon candles and boy what a lovely combination they make.




4. A Summer Garden
There’s a garden at the front of my  building. My neighbor, a lovely older woman, has been tending that garden with a couple of her friends. I just texted her to wish her Happy Thanksgiving and guess where she’s going? Yep, to the garden. ☺

In the Summer, when munchkin and I take doggy out for her nighttime walk before bed, the smell of the garden wafts through the air. I usually pause, take a deep breath, and smile. I hope to never forget such memories.

5. Freshly baked goodies
As a kid, I remember the smell of freshly baked bread a sweet buns coming from my mom’s kitchen every Friday. Mom still bakes every Friday but I’ve been gone for many years so now, whenever I walk past the neighborhood bakery, I smell a bit of my childhood wafting through the years giving me a warm fuzzy feeling I won’t ever forget.

So what are your favorite fragrances?
What memories come rushing back when they waft through the air?

Excited to hear your recollections. ☺

Big hugs,


Image source: Google images
Contents compiled: November 24 2016
Originally published: November 24 2016
Copyright © 2016 Moylom Enterprises


25 thoughts on “5 Fragrances that make me happy”

  1. I actually like the smell of bleach, too. I love all the Dove products but they seem to have done away with the original scent. I don’t like all the flowery ones.
    I really don’t like the smell of vanilla….ever since I heard it wasn’t healthy to burn vanilla-scented candles.
    I love the smell of pine… like fresh Christmas trees. 🙂

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    1. Oh, the original dove is still around.
      But it may be harder to find since they have the unscented for sensitive skin version.


  2. I like the scent of “clean” too! I also like all the other fragrances you listed, but would have to add the scent of a fresh Christmas tree to the list. Nothing beats that, in my opinion. Weirdly, I also like the scent of mothballs…they remind me of my grandmother’s house!

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  3. I like the ‘old school’ green (Not apple) Palmolive dishwashing detergent. I just can’t tell you why…I simply don’t know…maybe it’s attached to some good memory from long ago. LOL!!!

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  4. Vanilla…seems to be a round the world favorite, you might give the scent Flower by Kenzo, a spin. It’s my preferred, a gentle vanilla something. I too am in the bleach=clean family, the only exception being suffocation by chlorine in the hotel lobby…that’s a pool with a few too many kids, haha. The sweat of my favorite guy, weird but I love it, love the way his skin smells.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. How lovely to live near a citrus Grove.
      The fragrance in the air must have been amazing! Thanks for sharing. ☺
      Have a lively day!

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