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Accept, Adapt, Move on…



Emotions are like those obnoxious distant relatives we all seem to have:  they just show up, uninvited and often amazingly inappropriate.

ann coleman

I’ve often pondered the purpose of emotions if one cannot control them. But as I’m learning the hard way, some things need not be controlled. Instead, one ought to just accept that our emotions get the best of us sometimes; adapt to the wake of destruction or frustration they can cause; and move on to the next phase as we learn from our trials. Of course, this is all easier said than done, but it’s all about ‘perspective’ — how we choose to view a situation can make a world of difference and will ultimately determine how we feel about and handle it.

Being human means we are not perfect and all we can do is our best to survive this life we’ve been given and thrive — thrive against all odds, for that is by far the best revenge against adversity! We can choose to be grateful for blessings great and small; We can thank God in good times and bad since hidden blessings take time to reveal themselves; Or we can feel overwhelmed and forgotten by loved ones and even God, choosing instead to see only the negative aspects of a given situation. Hey, we all have a story, but how we choose to let that story shape our future is up to us. It’s all about perspective!

Recently, a few uninvited emotions showed up and caused an enormous flood. I’m trying desperately to be grateful for this trial since I know each one is God’s way of refining me for His purpose — for better things to come. I choose to believe that there’s a hidden blessing amid all this chaos and I just need to be patient and trust that it will be revealed when the Almighty thinks I’m ready to appreciate it.

I came across some good advice which reminded me that the reason why we must struggle is so we can better appreciate the end result. I was also reminded by a wise person, to just breathe and be at peace with myself.

I have to admit deep breathing isn’t something I do often. Quite the opposite, I often catch myself holding my breath and sometimes clenching my jaw because I’m digging deep for extra energy to push through whatever phase I’m in or task I’m undertaking. I’m in a constant state of rush/push just to keep several games in play AT ONCE. Hmm, note to self, Breathe…

I know this is a temporary state of Flux as my uninvited emotions will leave just as those hard to tolerate distant relatives, and soon enough I’ll be skipping through the daisies again. Until then, may you all be well.

Thanks as always for stopping by. Here’s to happier days…


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Contents written: Jan 3 2016
Edited: Mar 1 2016, April 4 2016, June 11 2016 Copyright © 2016 Moylom Enterprises


7 thoughts on “Accept, Adapt, Move on…”

    1. Thanks. It’s old, but still relevant. A good reminder that life is still worth living even if there’s a bit of chaos.

      Some call it chaos. Some call it adventure. Some call it drama. Some call it adrenaline rush. Whatever it is all we can do is accept, adapt, move on.

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