Short Stories

Cut it open


He emerged from the restroom
With a confused look on his face.
In one had he held his toothbrush
In the other the toothpaste.

Why don’t you squeeze the toothpaste
From the bottom?
As organized as you are
I expected to see
an impeccably squeezed toothpaste!!!

Baffled, I reminded myself
That he was my cousin
And not my husband.
I consoled myself with the fact
It was my house, he being the guest,
Then promptly informed him,

It doesn’t matter how I squeeze it
Not a drop is wasted
Because I will cut it open.

He returned to the restroom
Beaming from ear to ear
And nodding with approval.

I had once again returned to my
Cherished pedestal
And his favorite  cousin
His faith in me was restored.

And then we laughed…

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Contents written: June 1 2016
Originally published: June 2016
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Short Stories


Munchkin: Mom.

Me: No answer.

Munchkin: Mom!

Me: No answer.

Munchkin: Mom why won’t you answer?

Me: No answer.

Munchkin: Mom, if you don’t answer you’re gonna have a time out!

Me: No answer (while squeezing in a laugh).

Munchkin: Mom I’m gonna start counting. You better answer by the time I get to 5!

Me: No answer. (Dying silently of laughter).

Munchkin: Well mom, you are in big trouble now. Don’t you hear me calling you? Do you want me to call grandma? This is not the way to behave! What’s the matter with you? This is your last chance. MOM???

Me: No answer.


Me: Finally…

Munchkin: Was that an apology?

Me: No answer…


* Munchkin is my 4 yr old daughter. She is quite a character. Visit other posts under the tag #parenting or #singleparenting for more of her antics. ☺

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Music is Oxygen



I fell for it.
All the lies they told me.
The fairytale of happily ever after.
Little girls growing up to be princesses – –
Damsels in distress.
Little boys becoming princes – –
Knights in shining armor.

None of those things happened for me
And here I am reading the same stories
To my little girl.
How ridiculous?
To tell her the same lies seems wrong!
And yet, what if I’m wrong?

What if she grows up to have her fairytale?
What if her prince charming comes?
What if she gets her happily ever after?
I can’t bare to take away her hope,
After all, that’s what those stories are about, right?

We all want happiness.
We all need HOPE!
The hopeless romantic that I am,
Though embittered by life’s cruel tricks
As though under the wicked witch’s spell,
Can’t take away someone else’s hope
Especially not the hope of my own child.
Hope is what we crave!

So I read her the fairytales
And watch her light up at every word
Then I tell her the truth, my truth,
Praying she’ll stay close
To God’s guiding hand
So He can work His magic – –
Creating for her the happy ending
He knows is best for her.

So what if THIS is my happy ending?
It certainly doesn’t feel like it,
But what if it is?
What if THIS is the fairytale
God saw fit for me to have?

Perhaps I’m supposed to write new stories – –
Stories that show a different kind of happy ending – –
Stories for little boys and girls of the future.
What if my fairytale has an ending
That simply hasn’t been written yet?
Well, what if they didn’t lie AFTER ALL!!!

My little girl is growing up so fast!
In many ways I need her to,
Then on days when I need to shield her
From this harsh world
I hold her tight
And pray she keeps her innocence.
I can’t shield her forever, I know,
But I pray that her life turns out
A lot less cruel than mine.

So here’s to happy endings!
If you’ve already found yours
I’m happy for you.
But to those of us
Still searching
Here’s to writing the stories
That need to be told.

Here’s to telling the truth,
Your truth, my truth, our truth!
Here’s to changing the future
Not just for ourselves
But for our little ones too.
Here’s to having HOPE
And here’s to writing
Our own happy ending!




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Music is Oxygen, Poetry

He’s a good father…


Day is dawning,
And as my body wakes
To its normal rhythm
Minus the alarm,
I’m blessed with the ability
To feel my limbs moving,
To rise and trek to the beat
Of little ones at my feet
Asking to be nourished and loved.

I’m even more blessed that,
Though my morsels
Are not abundant,
They are still sufficient
For you, my Father,
Always provides.
I’m always in awe
Of how dramatic
Your demonstrations
Of love can be.

And as I seek too
Seek to be fed,
I’m reminded to not
Take Your love for granted,
For You alone
Can love me perfectly.
You nourish my mind,
Body and soul,
In moments
Which are exactly right for me.

Your timing is perfect
And forces me
To practice patience.
You’re a good father,
You are perfect
In all of Your ways
And I’m blessed
To be loved by you.

Thank you…



Song: “Good Good Father [Lyrics] – Chris Tomlin”


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Contents written: October 15 2016
Originally published: October 15 2016
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Movie Night

Came home early today so that gave me the opportunity to shift gears a bit. Movie Night with munchkin was a nice change of pace. In the process I discovered the song below. It’s been ages since I indulged in a bit of ‘Fall Out Boy’ and that too was a nice change of pace.

My weekend is off to a decent start. Hope yours is too. Enjoy. Hugs 🌷



Song: “Immortals – Fall Out Boy (Lyrics)”


Movie clip:


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