Music is Oxygen



I fell for it.
All the lies they told me.
The fairytale of happily ever after.
Little girls growing up to be princesses – –
Damsels in distress.
Little boys becoming princes – –
Knights in shining armor.

None of those things happened for me
And here I am reading the same stories
To my little girl.
How ridiculous?
To tell her the same lies seems wrong!
And yet, what if I’m wrong?

What if she grows up to have her fairytale?
What if her prince charming comes?
What if she gets her happily ever after?
I can’t bare to take away her hope,
After all, that’s what those stories are about, right?

We all want happiness.
We all need HOPE!
The hopeless romantic that I am,
Though embittered by life’s cruel tricks
As though under the wicked witch’s spell,
Can’t take away someone else’s hope
Especially not the hope of my own child.
Hope is what we crave!

So I read her the fairytales
And watch her light up at every word
Then I tell her the truth, my truth,
Praying she’ll stay close
To God’s guiding hand
So He can work His magic – –
Creating for her the happy ending
He knows is best for her.

So what if THIS is my happy ending?
It certainly doesn’t feel like it,
But what if it is?
What if THIS is the fairytale
God saw fit for me to have?

Perhaps I’m supposed to write new stories – –
Stories that show a different kind of happy ending – –
Stories for little boys and girls of the future.
What if my fairytale has an ending
That simply hasn’t been written yet?
Well, what if they didn’t lie AFTER ALL!!!

My little girl is growing up so fast!
In many ways I need her to,
Then on days when I need to shield her
From this harsh world
I hold her tight
And pray she keeps her innocence.
I can’t shield her forever, I know,
But I pray that her life turns out
A lot less cruel than mine.

So here’s to happy endings!
If you’ve already found yours
I’m happy for you.
But to those of us
Still searching
Here’s to writing the stories
That need to be told.

Here’s to telling the truth,
Your truth, my truth, our truth!
Here’s to changing the future
Not just for ourselves
But for our little ones too.
Here’s to having HOPE
And here’s to writing
Our own happy ending!




Contents written: JAN 21 2016 | Β©2016 Moylom Enterprises


38 thoughts on “Fairytales…”

    1. Thank you. This isn’t the life we intended to have and yet we’re doing the best we can and hope they understand our struggle and sacrifices — not to hold them hostage by it, but to let them know how much we want the best for them!

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  1. I love this A… So true. Yes! There’s a story outside of the happy ending story that needs to be told. So created another blog last month where I can just let my mind truly speak because I really want to tell all my story not just bits and pieces. As much as we want that fairytale, the journey to that fairytale is not always easy. But, I still believe in love.

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    1. I totally understand the need for a different outlet — a space where we can be our true selves. Good luck with the new blog.

      Thanks as always for reading and sharing your thoughts. We were all blessed with the ability to love. Some have given up on it though, and in many ways I understand why for I too have locked myself away not wanting to feel for I am prone to do so so deeply that I cannot control it. Perhaps it’s not meant to be controlled, but I have yet to meet someone capable of loving me that way in return. So I wait…

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  2. A perfect poem; perfect sentiment; a perfect story. I too am a hopeless romantic, even though I too have suffered heartbreak, but people such as you and I will always have the pure innocence of a child, the HOPE of happily ever after … whether we achieve it or naught. Let your little princess blossom and believe in love for her entire life. Believing in love and hope allows us to weather any storm and keep reaching for that one soul that completes us.–Kindred Spirit

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  3. When I was very little and growing up on fairy tale books and Disney movies, I was convinced I would marry at 17 and live happily ever after! I did actually marry at 24, and it has been a lot of work. I had a lot of fairy tale stuff in my head even then. We are still together, and as a result of living in reality, I love him more than I could ever love an illusion! πŸ‘πŸ»

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  4. Wow this is so beautiful, honest, and sincere, A!
    Many of us know exactly what you mean. What are we doing when we read fairy tales to our daughters that end with the Prince sweeping her off her feet in order to live happily ever after.
    You almost feel like you need to add a caveat like, well you’ll be fine until you start gaining weight, going gray, until he sees something ‘better’– etc.
    Don’t get me wrong, I realize that there are many relationships that progress beautifully–as they should but that’s getting fewer and farther between.
    By the way, you pose an excellent question: What if THIS is my happy ending?
    I’d like to submit that you and your babygirl sharing time together is the best kind of ‘happy’ ending.

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    1. Thanks for such a wonderful perspective. Life, as I’m learning daily, is all about how we choose to see the world in which we live, and how we chose to live this life we’ve been given. We all have the ability to choose. I’m learning to focus on what really matters and to leave all the nonsense behind.

      Here’s to writing our own stories. 🍻

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  5. You need to let go of what did not go right for you and focus on what did go right and what will go right for you. You have to embrace your inner child and react as your daughter does, with innocence and wonder and expectation. You need to feel that everything always works out for you and know that all that you have experienced you were supposed to and where you are right now is perfect. You can let go of the negative and think about what makes you smile, the small things in life, the simple things, your daughter. Stop feeling that your happy ending isn’t coming and start feeling that it is, then it will! You have a choice of what you think about, why not choose to think of what makes you feel good…it’s not easy because we always gravitate to the negative but with some discipline in your mind when that negative thought comes in let it go right away by replacing it with a pleasant thought, maybe something your daughter did that made you laugh, maybe how wonderful it is when you are able to take a nap, or hear your favorite song, or even start singing your favorite song. Take control, choose to be happy and eventually you will be!! Wishing you many happy endings, because there isn’t only one!! xo

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