Welcome to Mushville 


Welcome to Mushville.
Population: 2
In a world all our own
Nothing else matters
Just me and you.

It’s a dream of marshmallow skies,
Daiquiris and homemade pies.
It’s a heavenly scent of daffodils,
A place where your glass is always filled.

Many roads lead to Mushville:
The sound of your voice,
The sweet smile you wear so well,
The vision of what is and could be,
The memory of that silly thing you said.

I’m painting tangerine trees,
An ocean of smiles with a dancing breeze.
I can see a guiding light of affection,
Surrounds by rays of hope from all directions.

Follow me to Mushville if you dare,
The journey is sweet so have no fear.
Hugs, sweet kisses, love notes and silly faces
Will greet you happily, there are no fences.

(Collaboration by A & B)

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