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Weekend breakfast

Sometimes I wake up in the mood for a fancy breakfast then pause when I realize I’m the only one capable of making it. Sigh…

So I close my eyes, deliberate the ‘actual’ importance of breakfast at that particular hour, daydream of having a Butler, then succumb to the 159 requests to be fed by my annoying wonderful 5 year old!

Truth be told, my breakfast wasn’t lofty. Just eggs n toast; coffee for me and chocolate milk for the kid. It would be nice to have someone else cater to my desires for once but hey, that’s another story a.k.a fairytale.

Later on that day I tossed together a little gem I hadn’t made in a while. My 5 yr old hates it so it was mine ALL mine! I call it ‘banana surprise’ but perhaps you call it by a different name.

– 1 banana
– 1 or 2 tablespoons Peanut Butter
– 1 large whole wheat tortilla (or 2 medium)
– chocolate syrup or Nutella or honey

1. Place tortilla(s) on a dish
2. Spread peanut butter all over the tortilla (spread Nutella also if no chocolate syrup or honey)
3. Peel and slice banana
4. Place banana slices on tortilla(s)
5. Drizzle chocolate syrup or honey over banana slices
6. Fold tortilla(s)
7. Drizzle more chocolate syrup (or honey) outside.
8. Enjoy warm, room temperature or chilled for a few minutes.

This is also fun with pancakes. ☺

The following images are different variations of the recipe above. I didn’t think to take pictures of mine so enjoy some I found on Google.






So what did you have for breakfast over the weekend?

What do you consider a lofty breakfast?

What other fun foods did you eat?

Have you ever tried any version of my ‘Banana Surprise’?

Thanks for stopping by. Happy January!


☺ 🌷


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The Fog

Source: Yahoo images (
Source: Yahoo images (

It rolled in three days ago,

Burning off by day,

Then descending again at night.


It thickens with each passing hour,

As if to slowly wrap its arms around us —

Making its presence felt.


Fog horns signal in the distance

And my young one imitates the sound

As I teach her of its importance to the ships at sea.


I love living near the ocean;

It brings back lovely memories of my childhood —

Memories I wish surfaced more often.


And to think I tried desperately to get a home elsewhere,

But the deal fell through.



God works in mysterious ways!

I am in awe of HIS mighty wisdom.

I am so glad HE loves me — even through the Fog.


*Originally published May 2015

Contents written: May 13 2015  |  Edited: May 17 2015 |  Copyright ©  2015 Moylom Enterprises